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Tony Patrick
Certified Forensic Computer Examiner

Computer Forensics and Electronic Discovery in Memphis Tennessee

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As a member of  The International Association of Computer Investigative Specialists since 2004, Mr Patrick supports and abides by the IACIS Code of Ethics. Whether working for the prosecution, defense, or a party to a civil case, I will uphold the highest standards of professional conduct at all times.


IACIS® members must demonstrate and maintain the highest standards of ethical conduct.

IACIS® members must:

  • Maintain the highest level of objectivity in all forensic examinations and accurately present the facts involved.
  • Thoroughly examine and analyze the evidence in a case.
  • Conduct examinations based upon established, validated principles.
  • Render opinions having a basis that is demonstratively reasonable.
  • Not withhold any findings, whether inculpatory or exculpatory, that would cause the facts of a case to be misrepresented or distorted.
  • Never misrepresent credentials, education, training, and experience or membership status.
  • Advise and provide assistance to all qualified IACIS® forensic examiners, regardless of agency affiliation.

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