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Tony Patrick
Certified Forensic Computer Examiner

Computer Forensics and Electronic Discovery in Memphis Tennessee

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Forensic Services:
  • Forensic Computer Examination
  • Expert Witness Testimony
  • Expert review of digital evidence
All services will require a conflict check to ensure that they do not conflict with my current employer.

If you are a lawyer who requires forensic services, you may contact us directly.

If you are not a attorney, and you need forensic services, you should stop working on the relevant computer systems and consult your attorney immediately.  Your attorney can address your legal issues and concerns such as privacy law.  Instruct your attorney to retain the services of Tony Patrick, CFCE.  We will work with your attorney on all technical issues of your case, including responding to your location to preserve evidence.

If you are involved in procedings, and your opposing party has already had forensic services performed, our expert review service can help.  In numerous cases, Mr Patrick has found where other examiners have missed evidence, or drawn conclusions that may not be supported by the evidence.  He has also given expert testimony in relation to evidence tampering in multiple cases.

You may not list Tony Patrick as an expert witness in your case unless you have signed our Standard Form of Agreement and paid our retainer.

I conduct forensic computer consulting under the following circumstances:

At the request of an attorney, a court or a law enforcement agency with the appropriate jurisdiction;
The computer system is submitted for examination with the consent of the owner OR under a court order, OR subject to a search warrant.

I do not perform private investigations under any circumstances.


Our full rate schedule will be made available upon request to bona fide potential clients.  Enquiries should come from a proper ISP or company email account.  Enquiries through public / anonymous email addresses (such as hotmail or gmail) will not receive a response.  You may call us to discuss our rates schedule, however we will not respond to enquiries from blocked phone numbers.

Your initial consultation is free both of cost and of obligation.

Work performed is billed at an hourly rate with a minimum number of hours which is reflected in our retainer. Unattended processing time will not be billed.  There is a charge for storage of forensic data and exhibits, and all other expenses are on a pass through basis.

Substantial discounts are offered for Law Enforcement and other government agencies (including Public Defenders).  We may offer pro-bono services where it is urgent and pertains to the safety of a minor.

Copyright notice:  All text on these pages (c) 2008-2012 Tony Patrick unless otherwise attributed.   The CFCE logo is (c)  International Association of Computer Investigative Specialists, used with permission.   Whilst reasonable care is taken with information presented on this page, we do not warrant its accuracy.  No advice is intended to be for a specific purpose, and no advice is intended to be construed as legal advice.  Persons needing legal advice should contact an attorney.